Sean Penn and Sad Ending Movies

If you think about Sean Penn and his movies for a little time then you’d be wondered to know that there’s a close connection between Sean Penn and sad ending movies and you know that I always have a trouble with sad ending films.

First I saw him in I Am Sam which is a bit sad movie. I watched the movie years ago so I don’t remember what ending that was. Again I watched him in The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman. The Interpreter has sad ending when America deports Nicole Kidman and you can Sean Penn’s sad face in the last scene. Sean Penn also played a big role in crime thriller Mystic River which has a sad ending too.

In another movie Fair Game he’s in troubles again. That thing came into my mind after watching The Pledge with Jack Nicholson directed by Sean Penn. The movie could have happy ending easily but Sean Penn has trouble with that so he happily made a sad ending.

I’m not criticizing Sean Penn’s talent and personality because I like his acting. I like every artist because according to my point of view artists are most harmless creatures on the earth. But I’m a bit uncomfortable because of serious connection between Sean Penn and sad ending movies.

I’ve not watched movies of Sean Penn. Maybe if I watch more then I could more movies with sand endings. Again I’d say that fiction means to entertain us. Reality has been sucking enough already so fiction is responsible to make us happy and pleased. We want to see thing happen in movies and stories which don’t happen in real lives.