Dev D Is About Love, Relationships and Family

I rarely watch Bollywood movies and very rarely appreciate them. I hadn’ty watch a movie for days even movies I watched couldn’t impress me much. Yesterday I came to know about Bollywood romantic movie Dev D. That movie has good rating from movie geeks on imdb so I decided to watch it.

I loved the movie. That’s a typical story of a hypocrite society. Those types of stories are common in Indian and Pakistani societies. I think that’s a good movie to understand Pakistani and Indian society especially middle and lower middle class life.

Childhood loves grow and becomes stronger when two beloved bodies want each other badly but then society plays its dirty role and they get apart. That was love making more than love. That wasn’t love actually but they wanted to experience love making. But they didn’t know that.

They break up. That’s called Sub Continent breakup. That would be hard to understand for you but I’m sure Indian and Pakistani readers can understand me well. The breakup destroys Dev and he starts living a meaningless life. Then he meets an escort who is a tragic story. They fall in love but Dev won’t know that.

Actually Dev D is modern version of another Bollywood blockbuster Devdas. You can say that the first version is like Titanic of Bollywood.

But awesome thing about Dev D is that it’s not a sad ending movie like Titanic and Devdas. There’s no doubt in this thing that movie geeks from Indian and Pakistan gonna love the film. Even other people could enjoy the movie if they see that with subtitles or dubbing.


4 thoughts on “Dev D Is About Love, Relationships and Family”

      1. No, but maybe I should! We can all use some romance in our lives, right? Hope you had a great day today.

        I saw the remains of a catholic church Henry the V111
        Had destroyed. It would have been a beautiful building in its former glory! Hugs little brother. Big Sis xxxxx

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