Brad Pitt’s Big Brother-Benicio Del Toro

Years ago first when I watched Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro then I assumed that they are bothers. I think we should appreciate Brad Pitt that how he has been maintaining his health and body that even he is four years older than Benicio Del Toro but he looks younger. Fame in movies has given him much happiness to look younger and brighter.

More they both Hollywood actors similar to a Bollywood star Dino Morea. I won’t upload their pictures here because now I don’t upload or write something which I don’t own. I’d love to get feedbacks from you, guys that what you say about my judgment about those similar actors.


12 thoughts on “Brad Pitt’s Big Brother-Benicio Del Toro

  1. Nafees, I am not sure if you accept awards, but I have nominated you again for an award! I have put your http in and also a word about your good movie reviews. Check out the post, The Super Sweet Award! You accept the award and put your own choices for nominations….if you wish!

  2. Hey little brother! I don’t know the other actor, but Brad Pitt is one hot guy, right? LOL
    Angelina Jolie is a lucky lady. Hope your having a great weekend, Nafees. Hugs your Big Sis xxxx

  3. This never occurred to me before, but now that you mentioned it, yes now I see the resemblance. They should play brothers. And I am also surprised Brad Pitt is older; he does look much younger than Benicio.

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