Suicides Or Murders? Complicated Issues of Relationships In Pakistan

I was thinking to write but I had no topic because life has nothing special for me nowadays. Today while I was walking as usual then I thought about issues and problems of relationships in Pakistan especially in my area and around. Here I gonna tell you about three shocking stories which I can confirm myself.

First and most recent is about a guy around 25 years old who shot himself few days ago. Why he committed suicide? No big reason. His parents wanted him to marry his cousin but he didn’t like that arrange marriage. His father belonged to my village so they buried his dead body in the village.

I think couple of months ago a girl shot herself in her school right in front of hundreds of other students. She had a sentence written on her arm that she was sorry for her act but she was sick of a guy. Also she wrote her name. Here you can find full news Video of girl’s dead body and news .

Few months ago one of my friends told me about a couple who married. That was a love marriage. Girl’s family wasn’t happy and agreed for that. So first couple left the village and after months when they came home then girl’s father and cousin shot the couple.

Pakistan is a dangerous place for relationships and love marriages. It’s a male dominated society but even males can’t decide about their brides.

Those things and issues forced me to try online dating to avoid an arrange marriage. Love is really hard or nearly impossible to find here. But fortunately urban areas have some liberal values for that thing but still trust is a huge problem and only higher class can enjoy freedom of love marriage. You can’t trust anyone. People lie and they are best at this.


39 thoughts on “Suicides Or Murders? Complicated Issues of Relationships In Pakistan”

  1. The story is truly heart breaking. And, it’s not just Pakistan. The suicide rate has been rising more than ever.

    Personally, I tried online dating in the past and somehow always end up deleting the profile. These past few months I am trying to get back to it, but still don’t feel ready for jumping into a serious relationship.

    Anyway, I am not a blogger BLOOGER. I’ve been looking around WordPress lately and found some interesting posts, including yours, that kept my interests here. Who knows–maybe I will start blogging.

    It’s nice reading your blog!

    1. yeah thats right. Many cases I come to know about daily, they hurt. A better reader becomes a better blogger so I believe you’d be a great writer. Dont under estimate you.

      Online dating hurt me too. But still its a better option to find a better match so I wont give up. Still finding, maybe shes somewhere near, waiting. Thanks a lot for reading. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing. You dont have a blog?

      1. No, Nafees. I’ve just been journaling online for the past 3-4 months, and it’s been therapeutic… to an extent. Depends on the person, I guess. Some love going pubic, others in hiding, still others on forums, etc. I believe WordPress can fulfill most of these needs, and one can get connected to persons more of his/her niche. Still not sure where all of this will lead to, but I’d love to spend some time reading these nice posts here first. 😉

        I love your pictures. I love nature.

      2. Lol, no Nafees. It’s a private online journal. It has beautiful stuff in it, some bitching, some terror, etc. hahha 😉

      3. ha ha its that much private that no else could read it? 😀 Thanks a lot for reading my blog 🙂 its so nice to meet you. Thanks WordPress.

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