Fantasy and Animation-That’s True American Choice For Movies

If you look at list blockbuster and higher award winning Hollywood movies then you would see the difference that most of them are animation or fantasy based. Not only American kids and teens but even adults and aged persons love those types of movies.

European movie geek especially British ones are interested in watching fantasy and animated films. Harry Potter movies better prove that.

Action and thriller movies are out of American theaters except Fast & Furious 6. Movie geeks including are desperately waiting for the movie. More especially my big sis Paula from Australia. Waving.

One of my most favorite animated movie is How To Train Your Dragon. I loved that fantasy. A dragon as your pet. Wow. Up is another animated movie which I loved a lot. Ice Age and Finding Nemo are great animated movies too.


14 thoughts on “Fantasy and Animation-That’s True American Choice For Movies”

  1. Hahaha! Waving back at you little brother. 🙂 I will be lining up for that movie. 🙂
    As for kids movies? I’m a 45 year old kid. Lol I could watch them everyday. Nemo just made my heart melt. Diago is awesome! The best part is listening to all the little kids laughing their heads off.
    Hope you had a good day, Nafees! Super hug from your Big Sis xxxxx

  2. My favourite one is certainly Ice age , all of them, as I am in love with Sid. I think hte movie is so clevery done, also the conversations! I love it and have hte DVD’s at home as I can watch it over and over again. 🙂

  3. Och.. How to train your dragon is wodnerful! I’m die-hard fan of animated movies. One of my all time favourites are Wall-E (I cried so hard) Up, A nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Spirited away (I cried like a baby), Grave of the fireflies (I cried like a man) Rataouille, Ponyo… and many many more…

    Thanks for your post.. reminded me to watch a few more! 😉

      1. oh no worries… I am just crazy I can cry at every movie.. I highly recommend those movies (except for Grave of the fireflies.. it’s beautiful but very very sad) they are too cute

        Yes Ice age is very funny.. I lvoed all of them. 🙂

        Is there an animation industry in Pakistan? I do watch Pakistani movies on occasion but I haven’t really stumbled upon any animations. Would be cool! 🙂

      2. thanks. Pakistan isnt a country for movie like that even Bollywood (indian) film industry wont make an animated movie because people dont see and like that type of movies. They have different taste.

  4. Ah in Holland it’s the same story.. but in our case we barely have a movie industry let alone an animation industry. but that doesn’t men people love animation. I do hope it will develop some day. I think animations are a very interesting way of story telling 🙂

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