Iron Man 3 Has Dominated Hollywood Box Office

Yeah, Iron Man 3 has been earning money and appreciation from movie geeks.  In last post described that American film geeks love to watch animated and fantasy movies but I forgot to add that also they love sci-fi movies.

No doubt Robert Downey Jr. has been playing his roles awesomely in all three Iron Man movies. He has proved himself Iron Man of Hollywood. I loved his acting in Sherlock Holmes and comedic movie Due Date.

But unfortunately I’ve not watched even one of Iron Man movies. There’s action and adventure too in the movie but still American people liked it because they always appreciate professionally made movies.

I’ve been planning to watch a movie but no good movie I’ve or I don’t wanna see a movie. That’s because of boredom or what but I don’t understand this. I can watch Will Smith’s Independence Day, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher and Bruce Willis’ A Good Day To Die Hard. Lets see which movie I see first.

But I’m sure that even I won’t watch Independence Day because of two reasons. First reason is that it’s a bit old movie and second reason is that its sci-fi and I’m not into these types of movies.


4 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Has Dominated Hollywood Box Office”

      1. Excellent! Now tell me little brother, do you eat food whilst watching movies? Lol Why you say?? Lol Because your Big Sis likes to snack and watch movies. Or drink tea and eat biscuits! 🙂 xxxxxx

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