Star Trek Into Darkness-Sci-Fi Movies Are American’s First Choice

Wow. I just visited and came to know about stunning situation on Hollywood box office. Iron Man 3 has become No 2 movie now and Star Trek Into Darkness has dominated the box office.

There is no doubt in this thing that American people love to watch sci-fi movies. Star Trek Into Darkness has a background too so this is why majority of movie geeks preferred to watch the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness has higher rating on IMDB website which 8.3. That’s a great rating for any movie. I’ve not watched one of Star Trek movies and even I’m not going to watch this movie either because I don’t like sci-fi movies.

Most of Pakistani and Indian film geeks don’t like sci-fi movies. If you look at Bollywood movies then you’d come to know that they don’t produce sci-fi movies there because people don’t watch that type of films. Developed nations like America love to watch fantasy and sci-fi movies.


10 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness-Sci-Fi Movies Are American’s First Choice”

  1. Hello little brother! Now my other brothers…LOl ..were waaaayyyy into Star Trek. Now you now me and I’m not that into them. You and I are the same. Hope you had a good day! Hugs Big sis xxxx

  2. I have a theory as to why Americans love sci-fi (myself included):

    It’s because we are an optimistic culture, and imagining the future is optimistic. Even when we imagine a very grim future, there is usually some hope that things will still become better.

    I loved the two latest Star Trek movies. Not just great action (plenty of that) but the relationships between the characters are great, too.

    1. I have never thought about that before – interesting. Very true about you Americans. You are if anything optimistic and endeavour to fight for what is right and for people to be the best they can be. I can see it now, because even the dystopian style movies always have some light at the end of the bleak tunnel…

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