Raining is Blessing-Relationship Is Sucking

Past days and today was boring and dull. Really hot and warm weather. Yesterday it was around 47 C and today it was around 40 C even weather was cloudy. But at last when the sun was setting down then rain started slowly.

The raindrops were attacking the earth like it was a secret armed operation. Thundering was making the situation a bit scary. So I started to walk back to home. Still raindrops were kissing and hugging the earth. My hot body was amused by raindrops. I was burning but raindrops killed the hotness of my body.

This night is cold and pleasant. But still I’ve a problem; my loneliness, my singleness. I need a partner to live with, to share with, to laugh with, to hug with, to smile with, to talk with, to love with.

No one can deny importance and vitality of relationships and family. I never was in a relationship but I guess that relationship is what we all need. Relationship is an important and necessary thing for a man and a woman. Even that is better for societies.

Now I’m gonna watch remaining part of Bruce Willis’ A Good Day To Die Hard. Until now I’ve not liked the movie much. I’ll write my thoughts about the film when I finish it in my next post. Have an awesome weekend, guys.


31 thoughts on “Raining is Blessing-Relationship Is Sucking”

  1. What a nice post. I enjoyed reading. Keep putting yourself out there. Keep your heart open and don’t worry about it too much. Also, even people in relationships can be really lonely. What I am saying is that, though a relationship is amazing, happiness comes within you.

    1. aw thanks a lot. Your words are so nice and sincere and kind. I really want a relationship, someone to share my things, someone to care, someone to love and be loved back. You know relationship is a natural thing.

  2. I think it ate my previous comment. Anyways, I really enjoyed this. Happiness comes from within and even people in relationships get lonely. You will meet someone when you least expect it keep an open heart. Good luck!!

    1. I got your previous comment. Yeah if you’re not with right match then you can feel lonely too but you’re with right one then its blessing. Thanks. Are you single?

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