Bruce Willis Finding A Good Day To Die Hard

Oh no, that’s not true. A Good Day To Die Hard is a recent movie and Bruce Willis played leading role in it. But honestly I’ve not liked the film much. That movie earned some fame because of its background Die Hard and Bruce Willis otherwise there’s not much charm in the film for movie geeks.

A Good Day To Die hard is full of useless action and bullets. That’s more like a video game. They could make a better movie like old Die Hard but they didn’t hard work with story much.

I think A Good Day To Die Hard has main weak point which is its story. The film story has not much excitement and thrill for movie geeks. If I were a kid who likes action movies then maybe I could like A Good Day To Die Hard but unfortunately I’m not a kid anymore so I couldn’t appreciate it.

I don’t think so that it’s a big deal that you take a main idea from past and take your film crews to Moscow, Russia and spent huge budget to produce a movie which has no real beauty for a movie geek. I’d blame film screenwriter and director for that.

There’s no doubt in this thing that I love action and thriller movies but they should have a nice story and catchy direction too such as Shooter, The Marine, The Transporter, War, Killer Elite, Heat, Bad Boys, Parker, Rambo, Lionheart, The Expendables, The Expendables 2, Safe House, B 13, The Mechanic, Death Race, 6 Bullets, Predator, Universal Soldier and so on.


5 thoughts on “Bruce Willis Finding A Good Day To Die Hard”

  1. Afternoon little brother! 🙂

    Okay, so the movie sucked! Lol Bugger I was hoping it would get better. 🙂 Sakura is on my lap watching me type. Lol I hope you have a great weekend, little brother! Hugs Big Sis xxxxooo

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