Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn Together and You’ve The Pledge

Sean Penn hasn’t worked in The Pledge directly but he directed the movie. Hollywood living legend Jack Nicholson played his role awesomely. I’m a big fan of his acting especially in romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give and As Good As It Gets. Also Jack Nicholson played his role nicely in crime thriller The Departed.

The Pledge is a nice but sad ending story of a mysterious incident happened. Jack Nicholson played role of a cop. American cops and detectives are always following and fighting against serial killers. That’s same in The Pledge.

Benicio Del Toro played a minor but a strong and difficult role awesomely. There’s no doubt in this thing that he’s not more awesome than Brad Pitt but his acting is better than Brad Pitt’s.

The Pledge is an awesome movie for every movie geek if he or she has no problem with sad ending like me. Overall that’s the film which won’t waste your time and money both. At least you would learn something from The Pledge.

I don’t know why but I love detective and cop movies so this is why I liked The Pledge but I won’t include it in my favorite films.


9 thoughts on “Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn Together and You’ve The Pledge”

  1. Hello little brother!! 🙂
    Thank you for the hugs yesterday…I needed them. 🙂 I haven’t seen this movie..maybe I’ll check it out. You have a great weekend and maybe find some stream to walk by, and write about it as beautifully as you do. Then we can all feel like we took the walk with you…Have a great weekend, Nafees…Hugs Big Sis xxxxx

    1. Hi big sis, thank you very very much. It would be Friday night there so chill out and enjoy. Wish you an awesome weekend 🙂 huge hugs from lil bro

  2. I tried to like this but could not get it to push the button, so will try one more time. Thank you so very much for all the times you read and “like” my posts.

    1. dot push yourself to like the movie. That wasnt a great one but you know Jack Nicholson’s acting is awesome always. welcome and thank you too for supporting my blog.

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