Warm Bodies Has Become One of My Most Favorite Zombie Movies

My sweetest friend Brandon recommended me Warm Bodies so I decided to watch it and liked it. It’s a really nice story of romance, horror and comedy. Love is what can change us rapidly. That’s basic and main theme of Warm Bodies. Even zombies can get changed through love.

 A young zombie R falls in love with a human girl. Love at first sight. Wow. Killer becomes savior. He saves her from other zombies. Interesting story that is. Julie is lives with zombie who eats her boyfriend. She has to because she has no other option. R wants to make a relationship with her and it seems impossible in that circumstances but you know love never cares about boundaries and restrictions.

 Honestly I don’t like zombie movies much but bro recommended Warm Bodies so I had to watch it so I watched and liked so I’m thankful to him for such an awesome recommendation. Main beauty and charm of that film is that its happy ending. You know that I love happy ending films. Warm Bodies is story of relationships, family, humanity and friends. You can see all things together in the movie.

 Warm Bodies could make more awesome if they could spend more money on animation and other things to increase beauty of the film. The film director and screenwriter is a young guy so he has some lack of maturity in his creative work. He need improve and I’m sure he’d and he could make more awesome movies for movie geeks.

 Warm Bodies is like other typical zombie movies but it got appreciation a lot especially on imdb because it’s a happy ending and full of love movie. That’s a new idea that a zombie falls in love with a human being. Things get changed. Love changes everything.

 Evil Dead movies are my most favorite zombie movies and now Warm Bodies has become my second most favorite zombie movie. I won’t say that everyone has done awesome job but I’ve no hesitation in writing that Warm Bodies is a mixture of a great team work. Everyone contributed a little part to make this movie awesome.