Tom Cruise and Sci-Fi Movies

If you look at Tom Cruise movie history then you come to know that he started with romantic movies in 80s such as Endless Love, Top Gun, Cocktail etc and in 90s mostly he acted in action movies such as Days of Thunder, Mission Impossible, Mission Impossible 2. But those are names of big action films but he also worked in some good romantic movies such as Jerry Maguire. That is one of my most favorite romantic movies.

But after 2000 he worked in sci-fi movies too such as Vanilla Sky, War of The Worlds, Oblivion, Minority Report and All You Need Is Kill is his post production movie. I’m not huge fan of Tom Cruise and his talent but there is no doubt in this thing that he is a huge name of Hollywood film industry.

If we observe those figures then we can say that in 80s Tom Cruise worked in romantic movies mostly but 90s is mixture of romantic and action movies. After 2000 Tom Cruise’ movies are mixture of sci-fi and action genres.


2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise and Sci-Fi Movies”

  1. Hello little brother! I’m so not a Tom Cruise fan…although he has been in some really cool movies, he’s just not for me! Lol 🙂 Now I hope today your feeling on top of the world…I’m sending you heaps of hugs….Big Sis xxxxoooo

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