John Travolta-From Paris With Love

Yeah, I watched the movie’s new version From Paris With Love and yeah I was born, raised and living in Pakistan but still I don’t have a personal problem with this movie. I think I don’t need to go in details if you’ve watched From Paris With Love.

You know that I love action and thriller movies especially when they are made from Hollywood film industry. That was the reason I decided to watch From Paris With Love. But it is a fact that the film couldn’t impress me much. That’s not personal matter but there are some technical and professional mistakes in From Paris With Love. Action movies like Shooter and Fast & Furious 6 impress me because they have action with impressive stories too.

John Travolta is a really great actor who played his role awesomely. Irish guy acted well too but I don’t think so that he is well enough play romantic roles especially he couldn’t the last scene when he shots his ex fiancé who was an undercover terrorist. She cheated her. That was so emotional and heart touching scene but Irish guy couldn’t perform it well. Otherwise my eyes were gonna get wet.


4 thoughts on “John Travolta-From Paris With Love”

  1. Hahaha! You made me laugh little brother. 🙂 “Otherwise your eyes were going to get wet” Lol
    You softy!! 🙂 Kind of agree about John travolta as well. Your big sis is sending you a hug for the day…xxxxooooo

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