Lindsay Lohan And Her Controversies

Trust me I never a watched a film with Lindsay Lohan even I’m a big movie addict. I’m just known to Lindsay for her controversies. I checked her imdb profile too and strange that she won many awards too. But no doubt she got a critical personality. Lindsay Lohan is a typical artist who always faces controversies.

There’s no doubt in this thing that Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful Hollywood actress but still I’m not sure about her talent. I don’t think so that she would have won awards more than how much she got bails.

I think I should watch movies with Lindsay Lohan that I could guess something about her acting talent more than her controversial life. She’s a famous celebrity but still I’ve got negative news about her so I can’t have a good opinion about Lindsay. So after watching her movies I could decide about her acting talent and personality too.

But personally I don’t hate her for what she has been doing because at least she’s not harming anyone. But surely she’s harming herself a bit. It is a true sign of artists that they are harmless for others. But sometimes they are dangerous for themselves. Lets see what type of artist Lindsay Lohan and its what I could decide after watching any of her films.


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