Jason Statham As Parker In Parker With Jennifer Lopez

I always love Jason Statham except his role in Crank. In Parker he has Jennifer Lopez with him too. I don’t know how much great singer she is but there is no doubt in this thing that she’s a good actress. I liked her role in romantic comedy Monster-In-Law too.

Parker is an action thriller movie which type I love. Especially Jason Statham’s character is so cool in the film. He’s really suitable for that type of role. But only thing which I observed is that film story isn’t that catchy and strong which impress every movie geek.

Hollywood action thriller Parker seems parts of Jason Statham’s previous movies such as The Mechanic, Killer Elite, Safe, Expendables, Expendables 2 but different thing is that Jason Statham played a negative role in Parker. His character is of a kind heart robber who has some rules and principles too. In last scenes of the movie when people praise Parker (Jason Statham) then I feel so go.

Another nice scene when Parker says to a gangster that its not about money. The movie has a message, a moral message. Even you’re a bad field where you went accidentally and without wanting then do good thing as much as you can.

There is no doubt in this thing that I love that type of movies but Parker isn’t one which I could include in my most favorite films but still I won’t consider a bad one either. That’s a good film. That’s why I’m sure that every action thriller movie lover would love Parker.


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