Ryan Gosling In Crime Thriller Only God Forgives

There is no doubt in this thing that Ryan Gosling is hottest Hollywood actor. I think Tom Cruise was hottest Hollywood star before and now he’s aged hottest celebrity. But now Ryan Gosling has attracted nearly all young female hearts even most of older women have great crush on him.

Nicolas Winding Refn, a Danish film director and screenwriter made Only God Forgives. Also he made Drive with Ryan Gosling. I can’t say that Nicolas is a fabulous director and screenwriter but he is not much bad either. I liked his movie Drive.

I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Gosling but also I don’t hate him either. I loved his films such as The Notebook, Fracture with Anthony Hopkins, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love etc. There are some other great movies with Ryan too but I’ve not watched them all. But surely he is more famous for his cuteness and handsomeness than his acting talent.

It is a fact that I love action thriller movies so I’m so hopeful and wishful about crime thriller Only God Forgives. I think Ryan Gosling would be an avenger in that movie. He is suitable for that kind of movies. He looks so cute with angry young guy thing. Trust me I’m not a gay but I’m writing what is fact and what other people say.

I don’t need to upload photos of Ryan Gosling because I know that every girl and every woman has his pretty face in her heart and in her eyes 😉 I think he got female appreciate after working in The Notebook, a great romantic movie but unfortunately it hasn’t a real happy ending and you know that I love happy ending movies. Sad ending films bother me.

Fiction means to entertain us, not to make us cry. But still some people love to watch sad ending movies because their lives have no trouble so this is why they want to see trouble in movies and in other forms of fiction. But a broken heart always loves to read and watch happy ending. That’s why I more love movies like Ted, Devil’s Advocate, She’s The Man, Bad Boys, Shooter, Magic Mike, Step Up, Parker, The Transporter etc.


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