Sinister- Ethan Hawke Horror Movie

First time I saw Ethan Hawke in a horror movie which is Sinister. He played role of a writer and you know actually he is a screenwriter too. I had a different image for Ethan Hawke as I watched him in movies with full of love and romance such as Before Sunset, Before Sunrise and Great Expectations. All of those movies have happy endings so I liked them a lot and Ethan Hawke too.

Sinister is a really cool horror movie I watched in months. The film was suggested by a cyber friend. Mystery in Sinister kept me stuck with the movie and I really enjoyed watching it. I always appreciate nice movie recommendations because as you know that its hard to make a decision itself. That’s why suggestions and recommendations help enough.

I love movies of all genres if they are made professionally and skillfully. But you know what’s bad with Sinister that its not a happy ending. They haven’t killed the monster in the film. You know I love happy ending films so this is why I can’t appreciate Sinister personally but technically I can’t criticize either. Everyone done awesome job especially Ethan Hawke, film director and screenwriter too.

Ethan Hawke has played all types of roles. He worked in some blockbuster movies such as horror film The Purge.It was so hot and warm night when I was watching Sinister so I couldn’t enjoy that much. But Sinister is a great movie to see in long winter especially rainy nights. That would create so scary situation. You know we create a situation to do a special thing as candle light dinner for romantic date. Same like that we need to create environment to watch a horror movie like Sinister. That way we could enjoy the movie enough.

Horror movies like Saw don’t impress me much. I don’t think so that blood is a nice thing to watch especially for a soft heart person like me. I couldn’t bear that. But scary and horror movies such as Sinister, Wrong Turn and The Ring don’t have much bloody scenes.


12 thoughts on “Sinister- Ethan Hawke Horror Movie”

  1. Hello little brother. 🙂
    I hate scary , blood thirsty films. So not into any of these vampire movies/series! So, its really hot there? Its horrible when the humidity is so high and you just need the sky to open up and cry, right? Lol
    Have a great day. Hugs Big Sis xxxx

  2. Like you I too don’t like horror movies with a lot of blood like ‘Saw’, Nafees, and another movie which I really don’t like is ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. I think they are terrible as they involve torture and suffering being passed as entertainment. I prefer the scary part to come more from suspense and mystery, and better still, if they come with a good storyline and a music sountrack to make it even more scary. An example is The Others starring Nicole Kidman.

  3. I thought Sinister was fantastic, Hollywood isn’t great for movies with genuine scares to be honest, but if you really like tension in your horror films, I’d suggest watching the French movie ‘Inside’ or Takashi Miike’s ‘Audition’ – the latter is an old movie, but my God it totally shredded my nerves!

    1. thanks a lot, Yasmin. Inside is suggested second time but i couldnt find English dubbed. High Tension is super awesome horror movie too. Thanks again

      1. I’ve not heard of High Tension! I’ll have to check it out, I’m always up for a good movie recommendation. In Pakistan is there any restriction placed on your internet usage or are you able to view everything? Sometimes you get movies or long clips streamed on You Tube.
        Someone made a trailer and put it on YT:

      2. Oh my god it’s banned?! I had no idea. What a huge shame, I didn’t realise the Pakistani govt was so strict, do they also censor the kind of fiction that gets sold there too? I’ve not been since I was 15. Eid Mubarak by the way, I’m heading to my folks soon to celebrate : )

      3. yeah it is. Hm not sure. They’ve banned many porn websites too. PapPal doesnt work here too. So which city you live? Most of my relatives live in Birmingham. Khair Mubarak and many many Eid Mubarak to you. Enjoy and chill with folks 🙂

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