Noon Walk Again In Photos

Today I went to the stream made with rainy water and taken some awesome shots. Especially I really loved to take shots of butterfly and bee sitting near me. Below are links of photos:

An awesome view of the stream and partially cloudy sky

I bet you couldn’t find the butterfly in the photo. Could you?

The stream water running toward lake

A little dam on the stream




Do you see a butterfly in the photo?

Bee and Butterfly together

I zoomed in to get clearer view of the lake


6 thoughts on “Noon Walk Again In Photos”

  1. Hey little brother!
    Lol…I so couldn’t find the butterfly!! Haha. You got me! 🙂 As for the dam on the stream? I would so love to be able to just sit there and be quiet and still! I am so jealous of you right now! Great shots and I’m really happy you’re sharing your world with everyone! Hugs Big Sis xxxxxooo

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