Tom Cruise As Jack Reacher-Action Thriller Movie

Tom Cruise is a big name of Hollywood film industry but honestly Jack Reacher hasn’t impressed me much. I think we should blame Christopher McQuarrie for that.  No doubt he is screenwriter of a blockbuster movie like The Usual Suspects but also he made The Tourist; high casting and less resulting movie.

Jack Reacher disappointed me a bit. Maybe because I had some high hopes from the film. There is no doubt in this thing that Tom Cruise worked in some great action movies like Mission Impossible etc.

Jack Reacher has impressive imdb rating which is 7. But I won’t give that much rating to the movie. Only impressive thing in the movie is last action scenes and English actress Rosamund Pike. I think Tom Cruise’s fans has ratted the movie on imdb so it could get that much rating. Otherwise I don’t find any other good reason for Jack Reacher to get that much higher imdb rating.

Tom Cruise is really hot and handsome Hollywood actor but now he is over fifty so he is not much famous and popular as much as he was before. First he worked some really great romantic films like Top Gun and Gerry Maguire then he made name in action movies.

For Tom Cruise’s fans is a good news that another sci-fi action movie with Tom Cruise has been filming. Mission Impossible 5 has announced too. There is no doubt in this thing that Mission Impossible movies are awesome ones.

Jack Reacher could be more awesome if film director could do his job more awesomely. No doubt Christopher McQuarrie is an experienced film director but I don’t think so that in Jack Reacher he could best of his creative skills. I love that kind of film stories but Christopher McQuarrie couldn’t represent even his own screenplay as well as someone else could do maybe.

I think now its really hard and tough time for action movies and only films like Fast & Furious 5 and Fast & Furious 6 can survive. You need guts to make an action movie and winning heart of movie geeks.


8 thoughts on “Tom Cruise As Jack Reacher-Action Thriller Movie”

  1. Hello darling little brother! Hope you had a great weekend! Now, you know I am dying to see the Fast and the furious, which I will this week some time. But ,Tom Cruise? Not for me. Many other women..Yes! But I just don’t see what they see! Lol Have a great week, Nafees…Big Sis is sending you a hug! xxxooo

  2. Nice reading about you Nafees

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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