Texas Chainsaw 3D-A Fantastic Horror Movie

I loved Texas Chainsaw 3D even I didn’t like first The Texas Chainsaw Massacre new versions but this one really scared me and more it was a bit happy ending.

Texas Chainsaw 3D hasn’t a good rating on imdb but still I like this movie. I don’t know why but I loved the recent version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Wrong Turn, The Collector and The Collection are few of my most favorite horror movies and now Texas Chainsaw 3D is one of them too. Also I liked new versions of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because they have happy ending that even person escaped from the monster. Especially I liked The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning with Jessica Biel.

More I’ve always soft corner for word “Texas”. I love that state of America because my sweetest and lovelies aunt lives there. That was main reason to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. I know Texas is second biggest state of America and its area is nearly equal to Pakistan’s.

Texas Chainsaw 3D is different from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning because they showed reasons that why leatherface done that. They showed that he wasn’t monster that much but circumstances made him.

Texas Chainsaw 3D is a good horror film so I believe that every fan of horror movies would love it too. More I liked Alexandra Daddario for her innocence beauty. In the movie I felt sympathy for her when her boyfriend cheated him and second time when she trusted a handsome cop. She played role of leatherface’s cousin.

Leatherface is really scary character of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He’s scary like Michael Myers from Halloween and Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th. I’m sure and I expect that in future we will see another part of Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Also I’d love appreciate all team of Texas Chainsaw 3D especially film director and screenwriter who worked awesomely and professionally. I’ve no hesitation in saying that I found Texas Chainsaw 3D more interesting than recently watched horror movie Sinister with Ethan Hawk.


19 thoughts on “Texas Chainsaw 3D-A Fantastic Horror Movie”

  1. You have a beautiful way of looking at life. I enjoyed your review very much. How have you been? I have been so busy in the garden and trying to get things ready for my kids to visit me for a few days.

    1. aw thanks a lot, Barb. I’ve been good but weather has been sucking. thats cool to work your garden. Thats awesome. wow so family time is near 🙂 have fun.

  2. Hello little brother! Now these movies scare the bejesus out of me! yes it is a slang word! Lol
    I would have to hide under my blankets if I ever made it through one of these movies! LMAO
    Hope your having a great day…Love to you..Big Sis and Sakura. (she’s on my knee) Lol xxxxxxx

    1. lol you used to watch and now you get scared lol thats strange. But its true that when I was a kid and younger then I used to afraid of ghosts and supernatural things like that but now I’m scared of real human beings. Thanks

      1. I live in a hostel so don’t know the schedule they have automatic generators I guess 🙂 Have fun with the load shedding 🙂

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