High Tension Horror Movie By French Director Alexandre Aja

High Tension is a French horror movie made by a French film director Alexandre Aja. That’s a superb horror thriller which is non-Hollywood too. None of European film directors can compete Hollywood horror filmmakers but that French guy got guts to do it. High Tension is a really scary and mysterious movie. I watched few horror movies in past these days and I loved just two ones a lot; Mirrors and High Tension. Both are made by French director Alexandre Aja. He knows better that how to bring fear and horror from screen to a movie geek’s mind and heart. More he knows that how to make a low budget but quality movie. I don’t think so that High Tension is a high budget project but Alexandre made it so professionally and awesomely that none of movie geeks can dislike the movie.

Cecile De France is a Belgian actress who played leading role in High Tension. She played her role awesomely. No doubt about that. Cecile De France has stepped in Hollywood film industry. She played leading female actress role in Hollywood movie Hereafter with Matt Damon. That is a great achievement for her. Wicked character in High Tension is more similar to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th movies and Michael Myers from Halloween. What if there was a cop like Steven Seagal to beat that monster. That could be so fun to watch then. I’m sure about that. Even you can bring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallion or Jean Claude Van Damme but none of them is better punishment for that monster except Steven Seagal.

I’ve no idea that why Alexandre Aja made High Tension in Bucharest, Romania but surely he would have a reason to do this. There is no doubt in this thing that there are really awesome forests in Bucharest, Romania. I think Europe is a best place to make movies especially horror ones because they have really cold weather and beautiful forests. If ever I could make a film then I’ll love to make it in pretty reign of Europe especially where I could get cold and rainy weather of a lot of rain. I always say that Europe is a best place to live and travel so ever I could do that I’ll love to live and travel awesome reign of Europe. A peaceful and full of nature reign that is. In last I’d love to recommend High Tension to all movie geeks and I’d love to thank Gary from WordPress who recommended this awesome movie to me.