Similarities Between Warm Bodies and Twilight Movies

Recently I watched Zombie movie Warm Bodies and liked it. Even I’m not a fan of Twilight movies but as a writer I’d love to compare it with Warm Bodies. Both movies have some interesting similarities.

Similarity 1:

As we all know that they both films are supernatural type stories. They both are a true fantasy which won’t exist in the world.

Similarity 2:

Kristen Stewart from Twilight movies and Australian actress Teresa Palmer from Warm Bodies seem similar. That’s my personal observation and opinion so it can be wrong.

Similarity 3:

Both man leading actors in those movies have a similarity too that they both belong to England, UK. No offense but I don’t know that why Hollywood film industry chosen English actors for supernatural roles. That’s amazing but a bit funny too. You know Robert Pattinson was born in London, England and Nicholas Hoult was born in Berkshire, England.

Maybe there would be more similarities but I came to know about those ones just. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I enjoyed pointing out similarities between those movies.


4 thoughts on “Similarities Between Warm Bodies and Twilight Movies

  1. he he I guess people in the US see people from the UK as kind of otherworldly or goofy. England can seem anachronistic and bizarre from the vantage point of the US. I know this probably sounds strange to an outside observer, but I think it is a common stereotype.

  2. Afternoon, little brother! Yikes, me hate Zombie movies!! LMAO
    Now the movie Tom Cruise did called: Interview with a vampire in the early 90’s was soooooo cool. I actually fell in love with a vampire! A very hot Brad Pitt one! Lol Have you seen this? if not, you should! Have angreat day, love your Big Sis xxxx

    • ha ha ha I’d my best to watch the movie in which my future brother in law worked 😀 have an awesome eve there 🙂 huge hugs from lil bro

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