Warm Bodies vs Twilight Movie

Recently I watched Zombie movie Warm Bodies and liked it. Even I’m not a fan of Twilight movies but as a writer I’d love to compare it with Warm Bodies. Both movies have some interesting similarities.

Similarity 1:

As we all know that they both films are supernatural type stories. They both are a true fantasy which won’t exist in the world.

Similarity 2:

Kristen Stewart from Twilight movies and Australian actress Teresa Palmer from Warm Bodies seem similar. That’s my personal observation and opinion so it can be wrong.

Similarity 3:

Both man leading actors in those movies have a similarity too that they both belong to England, UK. No offense but I don’t know that why Hollywood film industry chosen English actors for supernatural roles. That’s amazing but a bit funny too. You know Robert Pattinson was born in London, England and Nicholas Hoult was born in Berkshire, England.

Maybe there would be more similarities but I came to know about those ones just. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I enjoyed pointing out similarities between those movies.


4 thoughts on “Warm Bodies vs Twilight Movie”

  1. he he I guess people in the US see people from the UK as kind of otherworldly or goofy. England can seem anachronistic and bizarre from the vantage point of the US. I know this probably sounds strange to an outside observer, but I think it is a common stereotype.

  2. Afternoon, little brother! Yikes, me hate Zombie movies!! LMAO
    Now the movie Tom Cruise did called: Interview with a vampire in the early 90’s was soooooo cool. I actually fell in love with a vampire! A very hot Brad Pitt one! Lol Have you seen this? if not, you should! Have angreat day, love your Big Sis xxxx

    1. ha ha ha I’d my best to watch the movie in which my future brother in law worked 😀 have an awesome eve there 🙂 huge hugs from lil bro

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