“wild people live in cities”. By me on 25th July 2013


5 thoughts on “Cities”

  1. Haha! So, little brother…Do suburbs count? Lol. :). Im off to get my Teco boy and Margie to take them to a new farm. I feel really sad, but they are going to a really nice 100acre property. I’m going to hug him till he won’t let me hug him anymore! He’s my baby and I’m going to miss him like crazy!!
    Because of the divorce our farms for sale and I had to find them a home. Send me hugs for courage. Love Big Sis xxx

      1. I cried. He hugged into me and didn’t realise I was going to leave him. 😦 I hate that he’s gone and I only just got back from the farm. I need your cyber hug, little brother. Huge hug…Big Sis xxx

      2. :(. Lots of cyber hugs. I can understand that pain. Thats why I dont have a pet now because I cant bear distance from pets.

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