Gangster Squad-Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn Face To Face

Gangster Squad is a movie about 1949 when a gangster (Sean Penn) had a full hold on beautiful city of Los Angeles. But a team of honest cops destroy his dream to take control of whole States.

 Second time I saw Sean Penn in a negative role. He acted very well, no doubt about it. Playing a negative role isn’t so easy especially for an actor who has a good reputation for his heroic roles already. First time I watched Sean Penn with a negative role in crime mystery movie Mystic River. I liked that movie too. I loved most of Sean Penn movies.

 Ryan Gosling. Yeah I can’t miss him. He is a superb awesome Canadian actor acting in Hollywood film industry. I don’t say that Ryan Gosling is a bad actor but there is no doubt in this thing he is more famous and more popular for his attractiveness and handsomeness. Girls have great crush on him and no doubt they dream about him every night before sleeping. Ryan Gosling worked in some really great films.

 Gangster Squad is full of action and crime genres. It is a not easy to show old time in a new film. That needs lots of film techniques and professionalism. Film director and screenwriter tried show old time in Gangster Squad but they could do that with showing most of scenes in night times. Night hides many things you know.

 After watching Gangster Squad, Jack Reacher and some other movies I’ve come to know that you don’t need to work hard and talent much to be successful even in Hollywood film industry but you need luck and money. Those things work a lot in real life.

 Personally I know many people who work hard and have great talent but they haven’t been succeeding in what they want to. There is no doubt in this thing that life is a bitch most of times. Gangster Squad has a happy ending so this is why I liked this movie. You know that I love happy ending movies because I always say that movies are great form of fiction and fiction means to entertain us, not mean to make us cry.

 Gangster Squad also has some romance, love, family, friendship etc things in it. Those things make the movie exciting and interesting. Overall I assure you that if you watch Gangster Squad then you’d enjoy it especially women and action movie geeks.


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