Friday The 13Th 2009-A Cool Horror Movie

Last night I finished watching horror film Friday The 13Th and enjoyed it even the movie scared me. But you know its beauty of horror movies that they scar you and they make you feel afraid. I’ve watched few parts of Friday The 13Th movies and I liked them a lot.

Friday The 13Th has a notorious monster named Jason Voorhees who is really scary and dangerous. You know every horror character has some special characteristics so has Jason Voorhees too. He is with an axe in most of Friday The 13Th films.

I think its hard to write and make a horror movies because there is not much variety in this field. That’s why most of horror movies have sequels such as Wrong Turn, Wrong Turn 2, Wrong Turn 3 and Wrong Turn 4. Saw has many parts. Halloween has several parts too. You know scariest thing about monsters in horror movies is that even you kill them but they come back.

Friday The 13Th in made in 2009 is cooler than other parts because it has a happy ending and they killed Jason Voorhees but surely he will come back in next movies. That Friday The 13Th movie is better than other ones because of its story and happy ending.

Awesome thing about horror movies is that in most of them they show natural beauty and camping scenes. That’s what I love about them. I love camping but never tried it. I’ve dream to go on camping with my beloved but I don’t want any Jason Voorhees around there :D. I love when they show forests, rivers, beaches, lakes, mountains covered with trees especially raining. Raining is so romantic but when its raining in a horror movie then it is so scary.

Overall I found that Friday The 13Th movie better than many other horror movies. Nice screenplay, nice film direction and nice acting and we’ve a good horror movie to enjoy. That type of movie can really scar you in long and rainy nights of winter. You know there is always a suitable environment and condition for a thing so it has for watching a horror movie too. Surely long and rainy nights of winter can be so romantic too if you’re with someone beloved but if you’re home alone then watching a horror movie would be scariest thing to do.

Same like other horror movies Friday The 13Th have some sex scenes too. I think film directors and screenwriters use that trick to bring some more excitement and fun in a film that movie geeks couldn’t get bored.

I’ve three most favorite horror movies. Those are Jeepers Creepers, Wrong Turn and Friday 13Th. But difference among those horror movies is that I loved first parts of Wrong Turn and Jeepers Creepers and disliked last parts. But that’s different about Friday The 13Th because I more loved last part of Friday The 13Th. That’s why I won’t hesitate to recommend Friday The 13Th to all other movie geeks.


16 thoughts on “Friday The 13Th 2009-A Cool Horror Movie”

  1. I can’t really stomach horror movies. My problem is I don’t really like being afraid. I was just at Six Flags Great America over the weekend and had the same problem. I don’t really like rides that make me feel afraid.

  2. I don’t do horror movies well. My problem is that sometimes when I’m alone the scariness of some of these movies come to mind so I find it better to just simply not watch them at all 🙂

  3. I just can’t watch horror movies – I think I have an over-active imagination and visualise zombies/vampires/ making their way up to the front door and ghouls hiding in the hallway…. and then can’t sleep without the light on. Lightweight!!!

    1. oh sorry then. I love all types of movies so horror too but depends that if movie is made professionally. I enjoy being scared. Thanks for the comment and sharing

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