Spider-Man My Most Favorite Fantasy Movie

I loved all of three Spider-Man movies but you know The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t that great film. Idea of Spider-Man is so cool and seems a real fantasy. That can never happen in real life but it is what we can dream and imagine about sometimes.

I’d love to appreciate all of Spider-Man team and cast but special appreciation for Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire. There is no doubt in this thing that Tobey Maguire seems perfect for role of Spider-Man with his innocent looks. “Great power comes great responsibility”. That is my most favorite line from Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man has a great power but also he has great responsibility too to fight evil powers.

Spider-Man is one of top ten and all time block buster Hollywood movies. Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 are great ones too but they aren’t cool like first Spider-Man movie. That movie contains real fantasy and action too. Kids to age persons, all loved Spider-Man movies.

I’ve not watched Tobey Maguire in any other movie but no doubt in this thing that he played his role in Spider-Man films awesomely so surely he deserves appreciation for it.

Spider-Man movie gives me spiritual energy and motivation when I watched it. You know say that Spider-Man movies are few of those movies which have great effect on my life and thoughts. They give me inspiration and courage always when I watch them.

Sam Raimi’s another awesome creation is Evil Dead. I loved that movie too. He made new version of Evil Dead movies in 2013 and movie geeks loved it too. There is no doubt in this thing that Sam Raimi is a superb Hollywood director and screenwriter too. He written and directed some really great movies.

Spider-Man isn’t a true fantasy just but in this movie you can watch romance, love, humanity and action too. It is a fact that all Spider-Man movies worth watching. If you’ve not watched one of those movies then you’re not a true movie geek.

I think they should have made other parts of Spider-Man too. The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t real Spider-Man movie you know. There many technical and professional mistakes in The Amazing Spider-Man but surely first Spider-Man movies are professionally made with great story. I’m not into fantasy much when its about movies but Spider-Man is one of my most favorite fantasy movies.


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