The Fast & The Furious-A Start of Fast & Furious Movies

The Fast & The Furious is the first movie and beginning of a thriller and action story. Fast & Furious movies are famous all around the world. There is no doubt in this thing that Fast & Furious movies are most popular and famous action movies not only in Hollywood film industry but all around the world. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker got a lot of fame and popularity because of those action and thriller films. Now Dwayne Johnson known as The Rock and Jason Statham known as The Transporter have started to earn fame and wealth from Fast & Furious movies too.

Two days ago I watched The Fast & The Furious. I’ve watched Fast Five and Furious 6 already but I hadn’t watched that one before. So I watched The Fast & The Furious and loved it. That film was made around 12 years ago. That’s a long time. Vin Diesel a bit looked same but surely handsome and stunning Paul Walker has changed a lot. He was skinny but now he’s in good shape.

Vin Diesel played role of a bad guy but a bad guy who won’t harm innocent people and people who don’t harm him. That’s the reason Brian (Paul Walker) leaves F.B.I and joins him. He leaves police team and becomes a gang member. There are two other reasons for that too; love and passion for car racing. He falls in love with Mia (Jordana Brewster) and also he feels great when he drives his car fast so this is why he becomes member of The Fast & The Furious team.

The Fast & The Furious is a great story so this is why still movies geeks have great interest in those movies and they have started to wait desperately for upcoming Fast & Furious 7 and good news is that Jason Statham will join Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) but maybe he will play role of villain.

Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has been playing her role in all Fast & Furious movies awesomely and constantly.  She is Dominic’s girlfriend. You know Vin Diesel is Dominic in Fast & Furious movies.

There are some huge factors and colors of life which movie geeks love to see in Fast & Furious movies. Those are action, thrill, crime, family, love, romance, friends, excitement, joy etc. That’s an emotional scene when they come to know that Brian is a cop and they leave him there. But its hard to do for Mia. She has to choose love or family & friends. She leaves love and chooses family and friends. I loved that movie.

The Fast & Furious is a great action and thriller movie with awesome story. Hardly any of movie geeks would dislike like that film. Overall that is a great and blockbuster movie. That’s why I can’t wait for Fast & Furious 7.


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