Boyka: Undisputed- Scott Adkins Movies

Heard and read a lot about Boyka movies so decided to see but it took long to finish one. English actor and martial artist Scott Adkins movies are really famous all around the world especially he got much appreciation and admiration for acting in action thriller films like Boyka Undisputed.

Scott Adkins

Scott also acted in The Shepard Border Patrol starring Jean Claude Van Damme also known as JCVD. Although the film isn’t that interesting or worth watching but at least he got chance to work with another legend actor. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning is another bad movie starring Adkins and legend action stars JCVD and tall European actor Dolph Lundgren. Never heard about Scott Adkins Doctor Strange thing but just found on Google. Amazed and wondered if he worked in a sci fi. Never seen Boyka 1 but desperately want to see it after watching Boyka: Undisputed which is also known and searched as Boyka: Undisputed 4. Scott Adkins wikipedia and imdb profile tell that he was in England. He’s only English or British star to work in American movies but there is a long list which you can find here in one of my articles named Famous British Actors & Actresses In Hollywood Most of known and popular action heroes acting in US films are from England, UK. Jason Statham is on top of the list.

Boyka Undisputed film series

story is simple and easy picking. A kick boxer with hard body but with a soft heart and generous nature. Character fights not for money or fame but he fights against evil. Beauty of the story which attracts a movie buff. No gossips or personal life interference but most of people especially women would love to know about Scott Adkins wife. Not interested in discussing her because it would not make a sense here in this post. Its a strange fact that not only him but many of other action movie stars in Hollywood are foreigners. Already mentioned Jason Statham and in other big names Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Dolph Lundgren etc.


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