Olympus Has Fallen-Gerard Butler Saves White House

Olympus Has Fallen is an action thriller Hollywood movie mostly made in White House. In that film some terrorists attack White House and kidnap US President.  You know that I love action movies so this is why I watched Olympus Has Fallen but I couldn’t like and appreciate this film as much as I loved Furious 6 and The Bourne Legacy. Those are true action thriller films which I loved a lot. Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman played their roles awesomely in Olympus Has Fallen. First time I got impressed by Morgan Freeman’s acting talent while I was watching my all time most favorite movie The Shawshank Redemption. Gerard Butler is Presidential guard in the movie. His last job went wrong but God given him chance again to show his sincerity and commitment to his duty. He proves that.  

 Olympus Has Fallen is full of action and gun fight but bad thing is that they have made most part of the film in night so seeing characters and incidents is so hard. I don’t think so that it is good way to shoot a film especially an action thriller movie. That’s not a horror movie which is necessary to shoot at night time. I couldn’t enjoy Olympus Has Fallen fully. If it was necessary to shoot at night then they needed to use high quality film cameras to shoot the movie that movie geeks could enjoy it fully.

 I can’t write that Olympus Has Fallen has become one of my most favorite action movies but also I can’t dislike it either because everyone has done its best to make this film. Even there are some things which need to improve and rebuild. But you know that film making isn’t an easy job to do. It is easy to suggest a thing but always it is harder to do it. That’s why they say that it is easier said than done. More it is not easy to shoot a movie in White House. But also it is a fact that when you look for filming location on imdb profile of Olympus Has Fallen then you come to know that they hasn’t mentioned White House or Washington, DC anywhere. But they wrote that Louisiana as filming location. If that is true then they shouldn’t has a problem to shoot Olympus Has Fallen in daylight because it could be easier.


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