Mirrors-A Superb Horror Movie

Mirrors is a horror film with great English actor Kiefer Sutherland. There is no doubt in this thing that Mirrors is best of horror movies I’ve seen in 2013 yet. After watching horror movie Mirrors I’m scared of mirrors and water to see my reflection. Just kidding. But it is a fact that the movie is really scary and full of horror. Kiefer Sutherland played his role awesomely. First I saw him in The Sentinel with Michael Douglas and got impressed by his acting talent. But bad thing about Mirrors is that it is not a happy ending movie. That sucks. That was supposed to be happy ending. Screenwriter could do that easily without hurting charm and beauty of the movie but he didn’t. Whatever I can recommend Mirrors without any hesitation and I’m sure that every movie geek would love this horror film. Many many appreciations to Alexandre Aja. He is screenwriter and director of Mirrors. A great story came from his mind. Weekend has come. I think it is best time to watch Mirrors so don’t miss it.


5 thoughts on “Mirrors-A Superb Horror Movie”

  1. Yes, Alexandre Aja has become one of the best current horror directors in the business. “Mirrors” was better than I expected. I thought it was intriguing and I liked the mystery aspect to keep you guessing. Good review! 🙂

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