Dead Silence-Awesome Horror Movie

Dead Silence is a horror movie directed by James Wan who directed and written Saw and Saw 3 too. You can say that Dead Silence is made by a filmmaking team which made Saw movies too. They are really good at making horror films. Dead Silence is a unique and scary type of story and I’m sure if I was kid and watched this film then I couldn’t sleep for nights. Surly Dead Silence is a heart touching story that a husband won’t care about his life to find killer of his beloved wife. That proves his true love for his late wife. That thing can touch every emotional person especially sensitive women.

Australian actor Ryan Kwanten played leading role in Dead Silence. There is no doubt in this thing that Ryan is really handsome and innocent like other Hollywood Ryans; Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Amber Valletta has played a role too. First I saw her in action thriller movie Transporter 2. She acted in Hitch too but I don’t remember her in that romantic film. In short words I won’t hesitate to recommend Dead Silence to all other movie geeks because it is a great horror movie. But surely single persons need to be brave and strong to watch this movie alone.


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