Takers-A Simple But Good Action Movie

I watched Takers couple of days ago. That is an action thriller movie starring Paul Walker. I enjoyed the film and action in it. There is no doubt in this thing that movie geeks all around the world loved Takers because of action and thrill in it.  I need to watch that kind of movie badly. Director of Takers also made Texas Chainsaw 3D. A good team of screenwriters has written screenplay of Takers. Paul Walker hasn’t leading role in Takers but not much negative either even he played role of a robber.Because of Fast & Furious movies he got fame all around the world. Surely he is really handsome and talented Hollywood actor. It is a fact that Takers isn’t a movie which could win Oscars but also it is not a movie which would waste your time or money so you can watch without any doubt if you’re an action movie lover. When I write about action films then I can’t stop me to write about my most favorite action movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg.

Fast & Furious, The Transporter and The Bourne movies etc. They are so lovely ones. You can compare Takers with those awesome action thriller movies. Also Sylverster Stallion, Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal given some really great action movies to Hollywood film industry. But now its time for young actors such as Jason Statham and Scott Adkins etc. Still something is missing from Takers. They used name of Pual Walker to save the movie and it did. Professionally made movies work like magic for me. I feel much better after watching a great film. Another awesome thing about action thriller Takers is that it is somewhat happy ending story. Bad people get punished and even robbers with good heart get an awesome life. I don’t say or don’t want that robbers shouldn’t be imprisoned but when we talk about movies or stories then it is a different thing. So that’s why I didn’t feel bad when Paul Walker escaped with his fellow robber. I’d love to recommend Takers to other movie geeks.