Hulk-I Couldn’t Finish It Yet

Hulk is an action sci-fi movie which was released in 2003. I started to watch the film about a month ago but never could watch more than few minutes. I don’t why even Hulk movies are really liked by movie geeks but I couldn’t like these sci-fi films. Maybe sci-fi movies aren’t my type so this is why I couldn’t enjoy sci-fi movie Hulk. I never loved a sci-fi movie except Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. That’s same with Harry Potter movies. They are really famous and popular movies but I never watched even one of them. When I was kid and younger even then I couldn’t like those films. I loved Bruce Lee films and other action thriller movies when I was younger. Spy and cop stories always attracted me. But I couldn’t find any charm in Hulk. My movie taste has changed maybe or I’m feeling bored when so nothing amusing me. Hulk is creation of a professional team. Ang Lee directed the film and he directed Life of Pi too. Stan Lee is producer and screenwriter of Hulk. Also he written and produced screenplays of some really awesome movies such as Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 etc. But still I don’t wanna be a Hulk.


9 thoughts on “Hulk-I Couldn’t Finish It Yet”

  1. Hello Nafees . I agree from your critical acclaim about Hulk. It isn’t a movie that can be enjoyed by every age-group. But to some extent I refute on your statement regarding Harry Potter. If you watch the first part from the beginning you are absolutely going to love it. 🙂 Give it a shot 🙂

  2. Nafees, the problem isn’t the character of The Hulk, but that the Ang Lee movie version is terrible! There’s a reason you can’t finish it!! lol.

    Have you ever watched The Incredible Hulk television show from the 70-80’s? You should watch the pilot episode; the show is really well done!

    I just found the pilot on youtube; this is the first part and then when it ends you can put on the next part.

    1. aw thanks a lot, Gary. Yeah you’re right about Ang Lee. Unfortunately Youtube is banned in our country so I couldnt see that. But thank you very very much, Gary.

      1. Oh okay, well if you can find another way to watch the show, it’s MUCH better than the Ang Lee movie; on the show the Hulk is played by a bodybuilder in green make-up and he actually looks pretty scary – but on the movie the Hulk is computer graphics and looks fake.

        Also, there was a Hulk movie done in 2008 with Edward Norton and it’s better than the Ang Lee 2003 version; if you can track that one down it’s pretty good.

      2. thanks a lot, Gary. I’m little bit fan of Edward so surely I’d love to see Hulk with Edward Norton. Today I finished watching The Expendables 2. Have an awesome day

  3. I don’t know about hulk but about the harry potter movies yeah,i couldn’t understand them either when I was a was only through the novels i found out how awesome the whole story is.The novels forced me to watch the movies too.the movies were all dark and dull and hard to understand for a kid

    1. thanks, Fatima. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hulk is worse than Harry Potter. I hate dark in movies. That easy corner for a film director to hide its weakness.

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