Jason Statham & Transporter 4

I’m a huge fan of Hollywood action king Jason Statham. He is made for action and thriller movies just. The Transporter is my most favorite of his movies.  I loved Transporter 2 and Transporter 3 too. One of my WordPress friends told me about that Transporter 4 is expected so I can’t wait to see that movie on screen together. I think Transporter films and Jason Statham are made for each other so this is why Transporter 4 will be awesome to watch. Recently I watched action thriller film The Expendables 2 and Jason Statham rocked in this movie. I loved all Transporter movies. That’s why I’ve high hopes from Transporter 4 too. Hollywood filmmakers rarely make an awesome action movie. I don’t know why they don’t work about that genre.


5 thoughts on “Jason Statham & Transporter 4”

  1. Oh yes! He is just adorable!!

    Little brother can you find him and let him know I’m now single! Lol

    Hugs and nite, little brother! Sakuras cuddled into me as its freezing cold and raining. Hugs Big Sis xxxx

    1. ha ha ha I wish you Jason Statham 😀 wow a lot of love for Sakuras. I love raining. It rained here and I captured it in my camera’s eyes. You can see in previous posts.

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