I’ve Not Watched A Romantic Movie For Months

In past days I watched many horror movies and some action films too but I’ve not watched a romantic movie for months. I should watch because I’m always single and never been loved so this is why romantic movie make me feel so better. Watching others finding love makes me feel good. There’s no romance and love in my life so I need it desperately. I believe having partner and having family is natural thing. Persons with family live longer than single persons and persons with kids live longest. Those natural responsibilities make us stronger.

They say that great power come great responsibility. Same like that natural responsibility come great power too. So having family and kids seem a responsibility and burden but also they increase our power to do things and make us stronger and more powerful. I always scared of having family and kids. I though that thing would kill my freedom but now I got that they mean to make my life more colorful and amazing.


18 thoughts on “I’ve Not Watched A Romantic Movie For Months”

  1. I don’t really know you, but I’ve enjoyed following your blog. You seem like a kind, fun-loving person and I’d bet you’d make a great father!

  2. Don’t worry, when the time is right, you’ll get the perfect girl. And its worth waiting for the right one 🙂

  3. Let me share this quote from paulo coelho’s book “the alchemist”. “When you really desire something, everythingin the world conspires for you to achieve it.” Stay positive. Always remember the law of attraction. I have had 3 failed relationships and felt like i wasted a decade of my life for such, but i always stay positive that i will find the right guy for me. 🙂 dont stop looking for love 🙂

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