The Shepard Border Patrol-An Action Movie Review

The Shepard Border Patrol is action thriller film starring Muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme and English actor & martial artist Scott Adkins. I’m huge fan of action thriller movies but I’ve not watched an awesome action movie for weeks but The Shepard Border Patrol rocked my entertainment time and I loved it. Its always awesome to see Jean Claude Van Damme in action. There is no doubt in this thing that Scott Adkins is next rising star for Hollywood after another English actor & martial artist Jason Statham. Surely I won’t waste much time of yours and I won’t write about the movie much because you can find it yourself over the internet easily. But I don’t have any hesitation in recommending The Shepard Border Patrol to all other movie geeks especially action movie lovers. They would love to see JCVD in action again.

But strange thing about The Shepard Border Patrol is that they shoot the movie in Bulgaria. I’ve no idea that why they would do that. They showed Mexico and Texas, USA border area in the movie. But when I checked imdb profile of The Shepard Border Patrol then I couldn’t find any information about those reigns but Bulgaria. Whatever you can watch that movie without any hesitation. You don’t need to be bothered to think about filming location issue because it is a minor one or even it is not an issue. Enjoy your spare time and live your life fully. Another awesome thing about The Shepard Border Patrol is that it is happy ending movie. Bad asses get punishment. Smart asses get reward and victory against evil forces. That is really great to see and feel because it won’t happen in real life usually. That’s beauty of fiction that it pleases and amuses you.


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