JCVD-Movie Or Real Life of Jean Claude Van Damme

JCVD is action thriller movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme himself. Biography isn’t mentioned as genre on imdb profile of movie JCVD but I think Jean Claude Van Damme tried to show a bit of his real life and problems. I’m huge fan of Jean Claude Van Damme because of his action movies and his martial art skills. I don’t have positive thoughts for Belgium after watching JCVD.  Main filming location is Brussels, Belgium but also they made some parts of the film in Luxembourg. There is no doubt in this thing that Muscles from Brussels has been living a legendary but hard life. JCVD movie shows that artists have troubled and difficult lives. Fame brings troubles too. That bounds your freedom of actions. Jean Claude Van Damme showed challenges and problems of her personal and public life through a form of fiction. I’m sure that JCVD worth watching. That would save your time and money both. Movie geeks liked and appreciated a lot. You can be confirmed about that after visiting imdb profile of JCVD movie. I always loved action films with Jean Claude Van Damme.


6 thoughts on “JCVD-Movie Or Real Life of Jean Claude Van Damme”

  1. Hello little brother!
    He’s a brilliant marshall artists!! And it helps that he’s handsome too. 🙂
    I’m sure all the girls out there agree with me.
    If you were here I could watch it with you and make us popcorn. Ohhh and eats loads of chocolate, then complain that I feel fat! Lol
    Hope your time with the family was very special. Hugs Big Sis xxxx

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