Foreign Actors and Action Movies in Hollywood

Few hours ago a thing came into my mind that why big names of action actors in Hollywood are foreigners. They came from other countries and got fame in Hollywood for working in action movies. First and huge name is Jason Statham know as The Transporter. He is an English actor and martial artist but now he is mega star of Hollywood film industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big name of action movies. He is from Austria actually. Dolph Lundgren is Swedish actor but now he is working in Hollywood film industry. Scott Adkins is another English movie star and martial artist working in Hollywood action films. Jet Li and Jackie Chan are Chinese but they made some really awesome action movies with Hollywood film teams.

I forgot to write a really big foreigner name working in Hollywood. That is muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme. He was born and raised in Belgium but now he is the one and only for action movies. Christian Bale is a Welsh actor but he worked in some great Hollywood action movies such as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Rescue Dawn, Harsh Times, Batman Begins etc. There are few Canadian actors too who worked in some great action films but also they worked for other genres. Those Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor who worked in Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Haywire and more he will work in The Expendables 3 too. There would be many others too but I don’t know and I don’t remember about them so mentioned actors are enough for now. Have an awesome weekend, buddies.


11 thoughts on “Foreign Actors and Action Movies in Hollywood”

  1. Interesting write-up! You did a great job of researching and providing accurate details. So many of the biggest names in Hollywood come from Europe, particularly the UK…

    Hugh Laurie is a british actor who played the lead doctor on the medical drama “House” and does a great job of turning his british accent off and transforming into a typical american…

    Also, Idris Elba is another great english actor who is on the rise in Hollywood. Have you seen his crime series “Luther”? It’s the best crime series I’ve ever seen! If you can find it online, give it a try – but be sure to start from the first episode so you will know what’s going on. It’s a great series! 🙂

    1. thanks a lot, Gary. Yeah its a fact that British actors are all around the Hollywood. That post is about action actors. Otherwise there are many to mention. I’ve written a post about foreigner actors in Hollywood before. Thanks again and have an awesome weekend

  2. Hello my darling, little brother!!
    Christian Bale is a great actor and I really like Keanu Reeves too. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend and the weather is being nice for you. Big Sis and Sakura are sending you our love.
    Hugs xxxxxxooo

    1. liking my page wont matter to me much. But you read and comment. That matters a lot to me many many thanks. I’m pleased that you liked way of my writing. Have a great day

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