Wake of Death Movie Review

Wake of Death is an action drama starring muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme. Like other common action movies Wake of Death hasn’t a nice story but you can see and enjoy some action in this film. Jean Claude Van Damme is a standard name of action films. But film director of Wake of Death couldn’t get full benefit of JCVD talent. He couldn’t utilize muscles from Brussels well. It is a fact that action movies have tough time in Hollywood film industry. That is why action actors like Jean Claude Van Damme aren’t on screen much. I’m huge lover of action thriller movies but I’ve remembered only few of them which are my favorite ones. It is hard to find quality action movies in Hollywood. In 80s and 90s situation was different. That was golden time for action films. Rambo and Rocky were popular characters of that time. But things have changed.

Wake of Death isn’t a great action movie to recommend so I won’t. I‘ve nit watched a nice movie for days so this is why I’m feeling. I really need to watch a great film that I could feel better. My soul is feeling empty and much incomplete. I really need to watch movies like Shooter, The Bourne Legacy, Devil’s Advocate, Departed etc. It is not easy to make an action movie I think. You need a good story, better camera work and editing skills. Few years ago I watched Thai action movies such as Born To Fight, Ong-Bak, Ong Bak 2, Ong Bak 3 etc. I loved their action scenes even Thailand isn’t a developed and a rich country but they have quality in movies especially action ones. Tony Jaa is huge name of Thai film industry. Wake of Death hasn’t much beauty as a movie Jean Claude Van Damme saved it. He was not much older then so he could give better performance but surely film director couldn’t get full benefit of his acting and martial art talent. He used his name just without spending much money.

Now action movies demand high budget such as The Bourne Legacy, Fast Five and Furious 6. Movie geeks prefer quality movies to see. They don’t want to waste their time and money both. There many screenwriters who written script of Wake of Death but surely they couldn’t write a better screenplay which could impress movie geeks. Film director hasn’t made a great film in his career. One of them is Scottish screenwriter. So I can write that Wake of Death isn’t a great one except Jean Claude Van Damme. But still that movie is better many other action movies because after all they taken muscles from Brussels.


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