Truman State University, Missouri, USA-My First International Admission

Truman State University is American university which is situated in state of Missouri. Special thing about Missouri is that famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was born and raised in Missouri. I’ve great and memorable experience with the university because Truman staff always treated me so professionally and kindly. Truman State University is No 1 public university in 10 Midwest states of America. So that was an honor for me to get admission in the university. There is no doubt in this thing that America is a best place to study.


Truman State University also conditionally granted me President’s Honorary scholarship which was $ 4500 so my international tuition fee was reduced and it was around $ 9000 per year just. I was so glade when I read the e-mail from the university stating that not only I was admitted but I got conditional scholarship. Also admission was conditional as the university required 79 score of TOEFL iBT and I scored 60 first time and 70 out of 120 second time so they offered me to take English courses first to improve my language skills to study at Truman State University.

I’d love to recommend American and other students to get admission at Truman State University because it is an awesome institute to study. If I could get that even with an ordinary academic record can avail scholarship then extra ordinary students can more scholarships and grants to study at Truman State University. My dream to live and study in States couldn’t become true but others can try their lucks. Wish you all the best.


13 thoughts on “Truman State University, Missouri, USA-My First International Admission”

    1. thanks a lot, Pene. But that really hurt when you get refused for bullshit reasons. I spent $1000. I cant afford to take risk again. Have an awesome day there

  1. My darling sweet, little brother,
    Don’t be disheartened, you did well,Okay??? You gave it a go and that’s all we can ever do. But, try and try again. Maybe somewhere else. It’s hard when it cost you so much money and got nothing in return. It’s life little brother and you gave it your best shot. I’m really proud of you and you be proud of you too! When one door closes another greater door will one day open for you.
    Your very special Nafees and you have a beautiful heart. That’s priceless and no university can teach that.I love you and smile, little brother. We have our health,right?
    Your Big Sis and Sakura are sending you a huge hug. xxxxxoooo

    1. aw thanks a lot, big sis. I really appreciate that. You given much of your time to me. Given me courage and hopes. That means a lot me. Thank you very very much again. A lot of love for my big sis and Sakura 🙂

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