Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA

My first unconditional international admission was at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Although first I got admission at Truman State University but it was conditional. I had to score 79 out of 120 in TOEFL iBT. Minnesota State University also offered me scholarship of $3500 but it wasn’t because of my academic record but it was cultural scholarship which they offer to every international student. So that’s why I wasn’t excited as much as I was after getting conditional admission at Truman State University. But even it was great news for me to get admission at Minnesota State University. That is American public university so any student would be pleased to get admitted there.

I heard that Minnesota is really cold state of America. So everyone asked me to be careful about choosing that university situated in a cold reign. They knew that I’m used to warm weather so living in cold conditions could be hard for me. If I compare to Minnesota State University, Mankato and Truman State University, Missouri then it seems that Truman is much better than Minnesota State University. If you want to study in top class university of America then you should choose Truman. There is no doubt in this thing that Minnesota State University is good choice too but you should give preference to Truman State University. That’s what I suggest. Otherwise you’re free to make to decisions of your life yourself. I don’t know about recent quality of education in both universities but I shared my experiences and point of views with readers. I thought maybe they could help you in your lives regarding making a decision about selection of a study destination. Another thing which can stop you to make a decision about choosing Minnesota State University, Mankato is really cold weather of Minnesota. There is no doubt in this thing that you can enjoy better weather in state of Missouri.

Education is really important thing in our lives so make a decision about it very carefully. Always study what you want to and always choose a better institute to study. But also money is a huge factor which can affect your decision about choosing a study destination. Visa is another huge challenge for international students. Especially it is not easy to get F1 student visa. Lucky people and students get visa to America. It is a fact that we all want to live a successful and satisfied life but it is not easy always. But also giving up isn’t a suitable option. Many times I faced huge failures in my life but still I’m wishful and hopeful. I believe and I hope that a bright future is waiting for me. Also I believe that your best wishes are with me always.


34 thoughts on “Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA”

  1. I’ve been to both states. Minnesota is cold, but there are other factors to consider, especially for a foreigner and a non-Christian. One state may have better opportunities for worship or a better record on religious tolerance for example. These may be worth investigating for you, and good luck no matter where your choice takes you.

    1. thank you very much, Williams. Surely your words help many people to make a choice and to get better information. Thanks a lot again and keep visiting and correcting too. Have an awesome day

  2. Congratulations Nafees! I hope the best for you! If you do choose to study at one of those American universities I think you will find it to be a really interesting growth experience. It may give you a different perspective on the world and may even make you appreciate your home village more.
    It may be exciting to travel to a new place but lonely too so be prepared for that and perhaps there will be some clubs for international students that you can join or something, or it may even be nice if u can stay with a local Muslim family. Be aware that the two locations that you mentioned are located in parts of America that are considered to be very provincial. Some people will be open and friendly to you as a foreigner but others may be very close minded and prejudicial. Midwestern Americans are known to be generally less open and accepting than Americans who live along both coasts, where there are larger populations of immigrants.
    Minnesota is known for beautiful forests and lakes and the Native American culture that thrived there in times past but I have heard that it can be very depressing there during the winter. I don’t know much about Missouri but the warmer weather may be an important factor in your choice. It may be good to see if there are any Indian or Pakistani restaurants nearby as these will be good places to go to remind you of home and connect with others.
    Good luck!

    1. aw thanks a lot, Pua. I really appreciate your concern, suggestions and wishes but unfortunately I’ve tell you that I couldnt get US visa. You’re my new reader so you dont know that nearly a year ago my US student visa application got denied and I wrote about that too. again thanks a lot for your concern and your vital time. Have a great day in States.

  3. Hello darling, Little brother,

    It’s hard on you as your father has taught you well and it’s difficult to live where you do, and not be able to further your horizons. No one can truly appreciate the way you live unless they were with you now, and could see for themselves. You are restricted with education and with your own love life.

    We in the Western Worlds take these 2 things for granted.But, Nafees you have a heart as big as the ocean, good friends and family. Some people are just free spirited and find it hard to sit and stay in one place. They want to get out, meet people and learn about anything and everything. Is your Big Sis right, are you that spirit? If you are? Find something that makes your heart sing and focus on what’s achievable. Sakura and I are hugging you. xxxxxxoooo

    1. Hi big sis, I really appreciate your concern, love and kindness to me. Yeah you’re right I’m free spirit whos imprisoned but I’ve get rid from this Shawshank. I know your best wishes are with me. Thanks a lot for everything. Huge hugs back for Sakura and big sis 🙂

      1. I think its easy to get scholarship if you apply for states, canada, australia, germany etc. It would hard to get full scholarship I think. Best of luck

      2. you can apply for a student visa for a country where you could work part time too. That will help you to pay your study expenses.

    1. thanks a lot. Yeah, I’ve been thinking and planning about Europe. Best wishes to you and your family. Keep talking photographs. I love your photography.

  4. First of all: BIG Congratulations! Whichever University you choose, it will be exciting and new and full of new experiences! Cold, what cold? When you THAT young, cold does not matter -:)!

    Secondly; love the new look of your blog!

    All the Best,
    Daniela (of the Lantern Post)

    1. Daniela, thank you very very much. But that thing happened months ago and I applied for US visa and got denied so I’ve look for other destinations. But thanks a lot for everything.

      1. Oh yes, now I do remember that! Well, shame about visa … I think, at the time, I suggested you try NZ; climate moderate, people friendly -:)!

        Best of Luck,

      2. yeah visa thing sucks. so this is why now I’ve to choose a study destination carefully without having a visa risk. Thanks a lot. NZ is a great study place but still I’m afraid of visa thing. Have a great day

      1. I went to school in a different state from where I lived, so I had to pay out of state tuition (almost double the cost of in-state tuition). My husband’s degree was more than twice as much as mine. We moved to the Middle East a year ago to be able to pay our loans back, because it would be impossible while living in the US. We also wish we could move (back) to the US! Going to college is the biggest regret of my life. See, you are luckier than you thought! 🙂

      2. wish you all the best for your loan. Thats too much loan to pay. Life with loan sucks, I can understand. Yeah with Middle East salary you could be able to pay your laon. Try to find a job in New Zealand too. They pay higher. Have an awesome eve

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