How To Live Your Life

When we search Google, Yahoo or any other search engines with words “how to” then many recommendations appear there such as “how to live a happy life”, “how to live a healthy life”, “how to kiss”, “how to seduce girl”, “how to hack Facebook account”, “how to use female condom” etc. But trust me that no no one can tell you that how to live your life. That’s what you can know yourself only. No one can teach you that how to live your life. Satisfaction is true success. That’s the point everyone needs to get and keep in their minds. Happiness is so simple as well as complicated too. That all depends on you that what value you set for your happiness. If you’ve high dreams then it would be hard to be happy and if value is low then you can make happy yourself easily and simply.  There is no rocket science for happiness and satisfaction. God made that so simple and easy to be happy.


10 thoughts on “How To Live Your Life”

  1. Very well said 🙂 It’s so easy nowadays to just ‘google’ everything, or converse online, making the ‘real world’ less tangible somehow. Sometimes we need to disconnect to discover, or rediscover, ourselves.
    Sorry I’ve not been around for a while, I hope you are well my friend x

  2. Very true. You have to find how to live in yourself. Any manual or person that purports to teach you how is only doing your thinking for you. It’s important to learn to think for yourself and to be happy with whatever you can reach. You’re so young to be so wise. Mubarrack boshe.

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