Evil Dead 2013 Movie Review

Few days ago I watched Evil Dead which is remake of The Evil Dead 1981 written and directed by Sam Raimi, a well known and professional film director and screenwriter. There is no doubt in this thing that Evil Dead is a true horror movie and I loved it.Fede Alvarez is director and screenwriter of Evil Dead movie. He is from Uruguay so this is why I would love appreciate his work because he hasn’t been living in Los Angeles or any other city of America. The Evil Dead was made more than thirty years ago so I can’t criticize. Both movies are made professionally but also it is a fact that Sam Raimi is one of best film director in Hollywood film industry.

Fede Alvarez is similar to male leading character of Evil Dead. Male leading character is American actor but from his name he seems Spanish etc. I’m not huge fan of horror movies but surely professionally made films attract me. I can’t stop me to appreciate filmmakers who make awesome movies. Another awesome thing about Evil Dead is that it is a happy ending story. At the end Mia makes evil run away. Mia is leading role of the movie. Overall Evil Dead is a great horror movie by a film director who doesn’t belong to America. There is no doubt in this thing that most of quality and professional filmmakers belong to States. If you’ve spare time or you want to enjoy your weekend alone or with someone beloved then I assure you that Evil Dead is a good movie for this thing.


5 thoughts on “Evil Dead 2013 Movie Review”

  1. Afternoon, little brother. Hope your having a great day? 🙂
    You know what I think of this movie. Lol I would be sleeping under the blankets with Sakura by my side!! Lol Trying to think about what I want for dinner. 🙂 Any ideas? What’s your favourite food? Hugs your Big Sis xxxx

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