Miley Cyrus-Who’s She?

I didn’t know Miley Cyrus that who’s she. Singer or actress or any other type of celebrity. Few days ago I read about some stuffs about Miley Cyrus and watched her topless photos so I got curious that who’s she and what would she do that. A while ago I searched about Miley on Google and I came to know that she is American singer and actress. I never watched her movies and never heard songs but because of her “stunt” I searched about her. I can’t criticize or appreciate Miley Cyrus for what she has done but I think many of her fans haven’t liked her “stunt”. I’ve nothing to write so I write about her. I’m watching an action thriller movie so soon I will appear with a new film review.


12 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus-Who’s She?”

  1. She was a Micky Mouse Club member and star of many wholesome family oriented Disney movies. I think she’s going through her rebellion phaze now. I can only shrug at it. Just something she needs to get out of her system I guess. Really not worth making a big deal over. I’m betting that plenty of those people judging her now had pretty wild rebellion phases themselves. You know?

  2. She played Hannah Montana (a teenaged show) and was a major teenaged role model. I didn’t know there were pictures of her topless, but it makes me like her even less. I don’t understand why role models don’t take their positions and how they can affect others more seriously. A lot of famous people probably don’t even think of that during their rebellious stages due to being so used to their personal lives being public.

  3. Thank God she only took of her top. Just a question, what would happen if she did such a thing in your country? How would they react to such behavior? Might give you another idea for a post.

  4. Hello sweet little brother. 🙂
    I hope you enjoyed the movie you were watching? 🙂
    She was pretty provocative Nafees, but tell me a singer these days that isn’t? They all tend to use sex in some way or another to help sell their music. I don’t know, I suppose the world is changing and we just go with that change. People have free will and choice as to whether they want to watch it…or buy there music. 🙂 You could say I’m sitting on the fence either way. LMAO Sakura is curled up on my knee asleep. She’s so sweet. I’m sending you our love. Hugs Big Sis. xxxxxxxx

      1. She’s on my knee watching me type to you again. Lol
        Have a great day, little brother. ohhh, I had fish and rice for dinner last night. It was yummy! Hugs Big Sis xoxox

  5. hanna montana…she is genious that is what I think…why… everyone is talking about her including you…you even made a post about her… as an artist that what we want for people to talk about us good or bad… so she sucesseded

    madona did all that and worts years ago….

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