Man On A Ledge

Man On A Ledge is a super action thriller I watched in past weeks. A really lovely movie. I love to watch that kind of movies. I’d love to appreciate film director and screenwriter who wrote such an awesome story. First I couldn’t understand that what is going on in there movie but in last scenes I came to know that actually what reality is. Especially I really feel to appreciate screenwriter because he is not American but he wrote super awesome screenplay and you know that I love action films.  Man On A Ledge is what you can expect from New York. A great movie with great professional work.

Some heart touching lines from Man On A Ledge are here: When a cop says in police station  “women jump for love, we jump for money”. On another occasion villain of the movie says “But that’s what great about this country if you want it bad enough, you can make it back. In this city, on this island. We don’t go to work. We go to war”.

That’s what I love about America, no one can make a movie like they do. Man On A Ledge is about justice, its about family and love among family members. I’m sure that it’s the movie which you can enjoy very much. Sam Worthington played his role awesomely like he did in super hit Avatar. He is English actor. Surely many great actors were born on British land. Man On A Ledge made me feel alive and energetic. Only professionally made movies do that. You know that movies motivate me to live so ths is why I love them. Few months ago I watched trailer of the movie then I thought that it would be a really great movie. You know that trailer of movie really affect your mind and make your opinion about movie so this is why filmmakers should always make catchy and interesting trailers. But also it is really hard to summarize a two hours movie in two minutes clip. But if you do that then you win movie lovers’ hearts.


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