The Conjuring-Another Horror Movie By James Wan

The Conjuring is a nice horror film directed by James Wan. That man got really nice talent to make movies. Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, Insidious: Chapter 2, Saw movies etc. There are many great horror films are made by James Wan and now The Conjuring. I’m sure you’d love the movie. One my of most favorite Hollywood actress Vera Fargima is starring a big role in the movie. Patrick Wilson also played a nice role in The Conjuring. I won’t tell story of the movie because you can read it anywhere over the internet and movie websites but I assure you that if you love horror movies then you would love this movie too. Nice story, awesome direction and great acting so you’ve The Conjuring. A best piece of art for your weekend nights. Make them scarier when you’re alone or even with company. In both conditions you would enjoy The Conjuring because a professional and talented film director James Wan made this movie.


8 thoughts on “The Conjuring-Another Horror Movie By James Wan”

  1. I loved this film – but I generally love anything Vera Farmiga is in. It’s not about the gore but more psychological and when the story is based on the lives of real people – it’s intriguing.

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