Sleepers-Younger Brad Pitt and Younger Robert De Niro

Sleepers is an action thriller movie but I couldn’t like it much. Maybe people from 90s would had that film but I couldn’t find very much interest in it.  But also I couldn’t dislike that movie. A nice thing about Sleepers is that handsome and dashing Brad Pitt is starring in it and old but gold “Robert De Niro”. He’s a fabulous Hollywood actor. Isn’t he? A nice news for Brad Pitt fans. He seemed some young because the movie was made more than seventeen years ago. I don’t say that no one would enjoy Sleepers because even it is out of date movie but still it has an awesome story like The Shawshank Redemption. Story of love, family, friends, revenge etc. That’s a real pay time movie. They lost their childhood and then they took revenge. I don’t have great command on English so I couldn’t enjoy the movie but am sure that movie lovers with Good English or native speakers would really enjoy it. I can’t include Sleepers in my most favorite movies but I can’t include it in bad ones either.  But also I won’t hesitate to write that Sleepers is one of nice films I’ve seen. That’s not a typical movie review but I’m sure you guys like my reviews.


7 thoughts on “Sleepers-Younger Brad Pitt and Younger Robert De Niro”

  1. I remember that movie. A bit difficult to watch because the story involves young lives being destroyed in a cruel manner, so it was a sad drama, but also suspenseful when theyplan and execute their revenge.

    You command of English is excellent, Nafees! I am not a teacher, but my opinion is that you are getting even better and better. I notice your style of writing is getting more expressive over time, which is great. Congratulations and continue with your writing this blog and reading. I too continue to learn by reading other blogs like yours and others on my blogroll.

  2. I enjoyed the movie. The kind of movie you can only watch once though. It is too painful to watch over and over again. I hated that the boys were abused. The realities of life – touching evil and the consequences. Very sad.

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