Love, Relationships, Family and Friends

Love, relationships, family and friends are really important part of human lives. They are true happiness of life. Especially love is all we need. A real person can’t live without love. First we love someone then we try to develop relationships then we decide to make family. That means all we need a loving and caring family which could give emotional support we need it. Trust me family is a real strength. We can’t achieve huge success without emotional support which we get from beloved people. They have great importance in their lives. Romance works like water for relationships. So don’t take that easy. I’m desperately looking for my mate and my life partner but all in vain. Every friend of mine asks me to be patient and let things happen but it won’t make a sense to me. We always do something to get something. So how I could get love without struggling for it. Precious things worth struggling a lot to get them so do I. we all need love in our lives to live fully and happily.


13 thoughts on “Love, Relationships, Family and Friends”

  1. Nafee’s great post. Don’t worry I have felt this same way in the past. God in his wisdom knows the time, we are just to be prepared for it when it comes. The hard part is the waiting. Thinking about it, it’s the time that is most valuable to us because we get to examine what’s really important. Agree?

    1. thank you very very much for your kind words. Yeah, I agree with you. Also I know that but you know sometimes it gets really hard to be patient more. Have an awesome eve

  2. A lot of people think this is a crazy idea but it worked for me a few years back. I used a online dating site called fill out a profile then answer about 50 or so questions, then their computer gives you results for the person that most closely matches what you are looking for. Used to be you could get the first month free, it might be worth looking into. I found someone on there and we ended up together for almost three years.

      1. That’s true and women don’t want to move as a general rule but you still may be surprised at who is available close to you if you don’t want to move

      2. yeah I’ve no problem in moving but you know that moving isnt that easy especially visa thing sucks. I tried local girls but you we’ve really strict cultural and society values here.

  3. Nafees, you are just going to have to get with a group of men and decide to change the dating laws in your country. I’m sure other men are tired of waiting also. Start a revolution. Make it happen. You don’t want to wake up an old man and still haven’t found your true love, do you?

  4. I agree with everybody writting here to you.
    It doesn’t matter where you come from, ‘looking for something, you won’t find it, and when your not looking, it finds you’ we have that as a saying. I believe its true!
    Problem is that in some countries many people, like family and friends, but also the ones you never saw before, are watching over your shoulder and have their opinions… mostly not positive. There are more reasons why it (can) be more difficult, for you. But believe me (and all others here)
    You are a beautiful person, on the inside ans outside, may all optemistic things in life will be yours!! May all your dreams come true…
    Here also are a lot of people ttat truely love you (love in màny ways) may it warm you up a little bit…

    1. aw thanks a lot, Jean. I reapply appreciate that you take me as nice person. feeling proud 🙂 family and true friends matter especially when we feel down. They help a lot to feel better.

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