Prisoners-Toppest Movie of Hollywood Box Office This Week

I don’t about the film Prisoners but when I checked Hollywood box office then came to know about it. So Prisoners is on top of Hollywood box office this week. Guy I watched on cover photo of Prisoners is leading actor from Prince of Persia. I don’t know his name or I don’t remember it. But he is a cool actor. I can guess that it would be crime thriller. I love thriller movies so I’m curious to watch Prisoners. Also it is a good news that movie geeks loved the movie. I really need to watch a good movie because I felt better after films I watched recently including Epic, The Croods, The Conjuring etc. This post is not review of Prisoners because I’ve not watched it yet but it is a thought about the film. You know that I love writing reviews about movies I watch or even I don’t watch. I’ve not collected information about Prisoners but just writing in a flow. I’ve no idea what I should watch about the movie but these are just my random thoughts you can say.


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